Why you should love Movenpick Hotel Mactan Cebu

Are you a person that only witness the beauty and majesty of the Movenpick Hotel in Cebul? Then it’s no doubt that you have told yourself that you want to be there someday with the one you loved. Then that day came too early, and sadly the one you loved is not with you. But that’s okay, the trip is a blessing you shouldn’t complain about. That’s okay as long as you have your friends with you to stay in Movenpick Hotel.

You may be asking what is are the exciting parts about staying at the Movenpick Hotel. Then let this list help you evaluate and helps you.

The Rooms

The rooms are cozy with brighter colors. People will love those kinds of color combination and the mirror as well. There at most 3 mirrors alongside the bed, closet and glass window. Movenpick has its own inviting bed and made better by their menu of pillows. You can choose and customize your own pillow based on your taste as the hotel prefer to assure you a comfortable sleep.

For the affluent, who want to splurge more than usual, the Ibiza Loft Suite might be the one you’re looking for. Located at the 22nd and 24th floor of the hotel, and it has its private Jacuzzi overlooking the beach with 3 rooms with king and queen-sized beds.


Movenpick is quite famous for having its giant pool with curvy edges, pools where you can unwind, stay under the shade of coconut trees planted around the pool if it’s too hot, and the ambiance that makes you disregard the beach.


The beach can be seen a few steps from the pool side. As you sit on one of its benches and let your sight mesmerize you.

Ibiza Beach Club

You can either party or banquet over the Balearic-inspired dishes all night while watching the performance of entertainers from Las Vegas.

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