Why Collect Science Fiction Books?

Everything starts with a feeling of wonder.

Sooner or later, it strikes you personally, an almost magical attraction for novels. It might be reserved by a specific author or novels about a clearly engaging idea or it can be the utter joy of carrying a special volume using a persuasive physical attraction. However it occurs, anything causes it, there's an upwelling of affection and a surprising sense of wonder.

It's necessary to remember that virtually all book collectors start as viewers. Clients become collectors whenever they discover that the best imaginative publication themselves have become significant items in and of themselves.

Why Collect Science Fiction Books?

The publication has surpassed the condition of being only a vehicle for passing on the writer's tales and ideas and becomes a thing of intrinsic beauty and worth. Item and articles improve every other, heightening the exceptional experience the publication brings to its proprietor.

Consumers vs. Collectors

Virtually all Science Fiction and Fantasy book collectors start as viewers. This is a significant thing for by far the largest quantities of F&SF readers view novels as consumables.

They're satisfied with reading a library copy or even a paperback reprint and consider this book as merely a medium for conveying the writer's subject matter and deserve no more thought than that.

Most readers use, and frequently abuse, the publication because they please, dog-ear corners, make notes in the margins, so bend back the covers and break the backbone.

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