Top 5 emulators for Android devices

Do you still remember about that old hand held consoles where you have played some of the best games of your lifetime? If yes, here is a happy news for you. You can still play a lot of them and that too in your Android devices. There are a lot of emulators available in the market which can help you in this task. But selecting the right one is very important as some of them are found to be really useless. Here we are discussing about some of the best emulators for Android devices, which you really love to play. The first and the best in our list is the drastic ds emulator apk . As played in the original device, the emulator allows you to play this game with multiple screens on your Android devices also. That is the highlight of this emulator. This emulator seems to come at a slightly high price, but it seems good to buy at that price.

Top 5 emulators for Android devices
FPse for Android is another very good emulator that can be downloaded and played in your Android devices. It is comparatively less costly than the one we have discussed earlier. This game has support to cheat codes and also allows the users to have good control. Another feature of this emulator is that it allows multiplayer option in some titles. Even though this emulator requires some time from the user to understand it properly. But once learned, you may even spend a complete day playing this game.
Another best emulator that we will like to introduce to you is the John GBC. It is also known by the name GBC Emulator. It has some features that really make them different than the others mentioned here. One of them is its ability to play the games in the offline mode. It also has the Dropbox support which is quite a unique feature in an emulator. This one is also a paid emulator and I think you don’t worry paying such an amount to play such a beautiful game.

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