The Smart Way To Reduce Cholesterol Every Day

We all know that too-high cholesterol levels spells trouble for your heart health. If your doctor has advised you of a high cholesterol condition, it's wise to take immediate steps to bring those numbers down. While there are cholesterol lowering medications you can take, there's so much you can do to accomplish your objective through dietary changes.

Here are some of the best cholesterol reducing foods, herbs and spices to work into your cholesterol reducing diet program. If you want even more information about this I recommend that you look at a great new diet program calles Eat Drink and Shrink Including plentiful amounts of these foods and nutrients can whip those numbers into shape within as little as three months. These healthy dietary inclusions also offer an array of other benefits to your general health. Let's take a look.

Garlic is a top notch ingredient for any cholesterol reducing diet program. Many studies have found garlic equally effective in reducing cholesterol readings, when compared with pharmaceutical medications. Garlic also lowers your blood pressure, is an anti-cancer agent and effectively wards off colds and flus by enhancing your immune system response. Garlic is also a natural antibiotic, proven effective against 27 specific pathogens, including streptococcus. Douse your salads and entrees with garlic and save some cash on the meds!

An apple or two a day is another smart choice for your cholesterol reducing diet plan. While lowering cholesterol, they're loaded with vitamin A, warding off cancer and those nasty colds. Replace that candy bar with an apple for a healthful snack.

When you make salads, use raw spinach instead of lettuce. Packed with antioxidants and fiber, you'll reduce your risk of cancer while getting those cholesterol numbers down. Fresh spinach is most effective. You can add a side of lightly steamed spinach as a side dish to an entree of cold water fish, such as salmon, for a power dinner of a cholesterol reducing diet menu. A sprinkling of garlic in your meal certainly doesn't hurt!

Dress that salad with olive oil. Olive oil dissolves cholesterol deposits and is certainly an essential in any cholesterol reducing diet program. Don't forget the garlic! Incidentally, olive oil is good for your nerves and digestion.

Make broccoli a frequent snack or side dish. Pair raw broccoli florets with a spinach dip and eat to your heart's content. Rich in fiber and antioxidants, you can protect your body from cancer while simultaneously reducing cholesterol. Broccoli is a great food for diabetics, regulating blood sugar levels.

Soy products significantly reduce blood cholesterol levels. Try substituting a glass of soy milk for your afternoon soda. Tofu is a chameleon food, taking on the flavor of any food or broth it accompanies. Soak some sliced, extra firm tofu in chicken broth and fry lightly. Combine in a chef's salad of spinach, garlic and mushrooms for a tasty treat and a premium cholesterol reducing diet dish. Soy is an undisputed anti-cancer agent as well.

Speaking of mushrooms, Shiitake mushrooms are a powerful addition to your cholesterol reducing diet plan. Available fresh or dried, not only do they reduce your cholesterol, but simultaneously reduce HBP and reduce your risk of cancer.

Make cold water fish a regular part of your cholesterol reducing diet. Salmon, halibut, sea bass and tuna are all high in the Omega-3 fatty acids. While improving your cholesterol readings, you're decreasing cardiovascular risks, such as heart attacks by a whopping 50%!

Explore curry recipes. Turmeric is the main ingredient, a spice which lowers cholesterol, aids digestion, reduces blood sugar levels, as well as your risk of cancer. If you suffer from arthritis, turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

It's interesting to note that foods which regulate cholesterol levels are most often potent anti-cancer agents. These foods are also easily combined into tasty recipes that make it easy to create a cholesterol reducing diet plan that's a pleasure to consume. Go for it!

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