Types Of Motor Mechanics

The mechanic is a skilled, unskilled or semi-skilled technician who specializes in a particular job relating to auto parts and motor. Burwood mechanic essentially has to be reliable and experienced as huge losses are involved for even pity mistakes that occur during breakdown repair and maintenance. Motor mechanics vary in their skill set and usually expertise in one or two fields. Motor mechanics should possess good interpersonal skills, ability to diagnose and solve the problem with great ease, flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness in the job. Here are some of the types of motor mechanics:

Auto Mechanic

Most mechanics in abbotsford are engaged in the auto mechanic profession. An auto mechanic is the one that deals with automobile issues and maintenance. He may specialize in one or two jobs. A number of fields exist in an auto mechanic profession. This includes auto electrician, transmission technician, drivetrain technician, engine specialists, denting and making workers etc.



Aircraft Mechanic

An aircraft mechanic technician is a qualified skilled personnel that is employed for carrying out aircraft maintenance. These are licensed and requires minimum qualification to be an aircraft mechanic. They are also known as aircraft engineers.

Heavy Vehicle Mechanic

Heavy vehicle mechanics possess skill in handling heavy duty automobiles such as cranes, trucks, railway engines, bulldozers and much more. They need to be far more experienced and skilled than ordinary auto mechanics to carry out the job effectively. It requires precision and care, and in most of the cases a technical training and knowledge.

Pit Crews

Pit crews are a specialized form of mechanics employed for motor racing. Pit crew job is considered most prestigious comparing to all other mechanic fields. A specific job is assigned to each member of the crew such as tire changing, oil changing, breakdown detecting, break down repairing, etc. The tasks assigned to each member is narrow

As these have to be completed in a very short span of time ranging from a couple of minutes. It is potentially dangerous and stressful job.