How much does your driving lesson cost you?

Are you thinking to take up a driving lesson? If yes, then, the cost is one of the essential factors you must consider. Many of such factors are beyond our control but, few of them are within your reach. You can conduct a survey on the costs and compare packages offered by other driving schools.


Here are some factors that will guide you to know driving lessons in Ipswich.

There are many factors that might affect the overall price of your lessons. The very first thing is your age. If you are a beginner, the cost might be high as the instructor has to teach you step by step from the beginning. According to the studies, an average 30 to 35 hours of the driving lesson is enough for a curious beginner to clear the driving test.

Besides this, your driving experience also counts. If you have a driving experience, the instructor does not have to explain you everything and so you will be charged a lower price.

Most of the trainers will have you picked up from your house to the driving school. If you stay far from the driving centre then you will be charged more as fuel cost will also be included. Therefore to save this cost, you can ask your parents or friends to drop you at the driving school.

Another factor determining your cost of driving is that if whether you are taking weekday or weekend lessons. Weekday lessons are cheaper than the weekends.