Street Art and its Varied Forms in the Urban Scenario

Street art is an art form in its own right. Street art is primarily used to express something and the impact of messages it has is quite strong and this is exactly the reason why it has become popular among the urban masses. Artists who began with the simple form of street art that is the graffiti started exploring and moving into some other innovative and inspirational mediums.


The Different Types of Street Art

Stencil: This uses a paper or cardboard cutout used as a stencil to transfer the image to the surface using a spray paint, roll on paint and so on.

Mosaic: Smaller parts and pieces are assembled together to create an image resembling an integral piece of artwork.

Graffiti: It may be plain words or the more elaborate and complex mural painting covering a surface commonly with a roll-on paint or spray can.

Yarn bombing: This includes colorful displays of knitted cloth or yarn and is mostly associated with beautification and creativity.

Sticker: This is used as a propaganda tool wherein the sticker large or small, with the message is displayed in public places.  

Street installation: The 3D street art paintings in chalk are gaining popularity and are the trending street art movement at present.

Flash mobbing: Large group of people gather suddenly in public places and perform for a brief time. This can be a part of the advertising or to create a social awareness. This is also a street art form of expression that is rapidly gaining mass public acceptance.

Whatever the type be, street art is a very beautiful way of putting across the message to the public.

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