Muay Thai- Thai boxing for Self Defense

Muay Thai also knew as Thai boxing is a combat sport or martial art form which has been originated in Thailand. This form of martial arts is a combination stand up striking along with clinching techniques. For learning Muay Thai one should be mentally and physically disciplined.

This form of martial arts is characterized by the combined usage of fist, legs, knees, elbows, and shins along with a good physical position to make a ‘full-contact’ fighter efficient. In the competition, stronger effects have been seen via using high kicks on the head.

Almost whole body is used in Thai boxing Melbourne.. The act of using the fist to defend every blow and turning hip to every kick is the slow but more powerful way of defense. If we talk about the defense in Muay Thai, it could be widely subdivided into four parts.

Blocking:-It is an effective way of blocking in which defender block’s hard to stop the striking attack and prevent it from reaching its target.

Evasion :-This is the way in which defender moves his body back to evade the attacks range and gets a chance to get closer to the attacker and strike back.

Avoidance:-This is a way by which the defender moves out of the striking attack and remains in a range of counter-attacking.

Anticipation:- It is a way in which defender strikes back before the attacker attack lands.


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