Important Safety Tips in Cable Management

No industry or factory is complete without having proper cables and wires. This is because these are the main source of power supply, electricity, production supply, computing and many other essential tasks. You need to take extra care of cables and their management when so many things depend on them.

Following are some essential safety tips that you should be mindful of when dealing with and managing cables:

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1. Shock Resistance

A major cause of workers getting electrocuted from short circuits is that cables are not installed properly. So, it is essential to select cables with proper sheathing and plastic covering so that you can keep your workers and machinery safe. Moreover, provide your workers with proper gloves and safety gear so they are not injured by variations in voltage.

2. Cables In High Temperature

There are different types of cables available in the market. If you have to install cables at extreme temperatures, first select the type of cables that can easily survive in a specific range of temperature. You can also get different kinds of protection components from cable laying equipment shops. By using extra protective components, you can ensure cables last longer.

3. Extra Safety For Cable Installation

You can use washer and locknuts for ensuring extra safety while installing cables. Washers and locknuts are designed specifically for providing an extra sealing effect to cables that are fixed with the help of glands. These accessories are very effective in locking glands to the instrument or the panel.

If there are lots of cables in a certain area, you can use zip ties for sorting and managing them.

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