Green Smoothies: Easy, Delicious, and Nutritious

I first heard about green smoothies when I was plagued with acne. I had tried everything short of Accutane and potentially dangerous drugs to get rid of it, and I didn't know what else to do. I knew one thing for sure however: I wanted clear skin! Greens smoothies helped me get a flawless skin, and made me healthier than I thought was possible. I really think that they are a great addition to anyone's diet. They were first invented by Dr Ann Wigmore, who called them Energy Soups, and then made tastier and better known by Victoria Boutenko in her book "Green for Life". Making green smoothies is really easy and here is what you should know to make them right.

First, it is better to start out with mild stating greens. Be assured that once you drink them regularly, you will start cravings greens more and more, and you won't be afraid of adding kale by the handful to your smoothies! But first, try spinach or anything else equally neutral.

Second, you need to use strong, very sweet, dark fruits. When I first started making smoothies, my husband didn't like them very much. I would use fruits like peaches for example, which often aren't very sweet and are light in color. Fruits that are light in color are more likely to make a very green smoothie, while darker fruits will hide the chlorophyll's color.

To illustrate the two points above, here is a fantastic recipe that will have you going for more:

Berry-Spinach Green Smoothie Recipe


  • 1 ½ cup fresh, ripe strawberries (or frozen, thawed overnight)
  • 1 cup wild blueberries (or regular blueberries, frozen, thawed overnight)
  • 1 cup cherries, frozen and thawed
  • 2 large ripe bananas
  • Spinach or swiss chard (start with 1 cup, increasing as you feel comfortable)


Add all the ingredients to a smoothie maker machine, and blend until smooth. If you are not using a high power blender such as the Vita-Mix, you may need to add water to get the fruits to blend. A friend of mine used celery sticks to push the ingredients down towards the blade as well.

Once you get used to drinking those smoothies, you can switch to lighter colored but equally sweet fruits, such as pineapple and mango. A smoothie I've been enjoying lately has been 8 ounces of frozen mango with an ounce or more of spinach, blended with a large banana. Little by little, you will get an idea of what fruits to use and which combinations make the best drinks.

You may think that green smoothies are expensive, but they are not. First of all, they will reduce your need for multivitamins. If you drink them regularly, you can start breaking your vitamin pills in half! Besides, you are less likely to get sick with seasonal illnesses such as the flu, saving money both in doctor bills and in drugs. Also, I always find coupons for frozen fruits on eBay: buy a dozen at once and stock the fruits in your freezer! And in the summer, I always grow my greens. You can do it at low cost in your backyard or in large trays near a south facing window.

Green smoothies are quick to make, very nutritious, and because the fruits and greens' cell walls have been broken down by blending, they are really easy to digest. I have them every day, and really feel that something is missing if I don't have one. I experienced greater energy and clear skin thanks to my green smoothies, and many others have reported disappearance of cravings, weight loss, and much more!

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