Features that makes Drastic DS Emulator the best Emulator for Nintendo Games

A lot of emulators are available for the Android smartphones that can help in playing drastic ds emulator apk games in them. Then what is it that makes the Drastic DS Emulator best among them? Is it just because of mere luck or is it because of some exceptionally good features included in it? We are trying to find an answer for this commonly asked question. As per our observation it can be said without any doubt that the presence of the Drastic DS Emulator in the top list is not just mere luck. It is all because of its ability to deliver as per the user expectation. So, let’s have a look at the various features available in this emulator.
A very good feature of the Drastic Emulator is its ability to sync the saved games with the Google drive. This feature helps the users to retain their concerned levels in the game, even if their phones are formatted or replaced. This emulator also supports the users to play the Nintendo games at the maximum possible speed which is considered as the main reason behind its success. Customization of the screen is also a good feature that the users loves a lot. As we all knows cheat codes helps to increase the enjoyment of playing games like Nintendo games. The presence of a database with thousands of cheat codes makes this emulator stronger among the many. Fast forward is another good feature of this emulator. It helps in increasing the speed of emulation to a great extent, which in turn increases the total gaming experience.

Features that makes Drastic DS Emulator the best Emulator for Nintendo Games
We have also checked a lot of other emulators for a comparison with the Drastic DS Emulator. But none of them proved to be somewhere near it in any section of performance. So, if you are someone looking for a good Emulator for your Android smartphones, we strongly recommend the Drastic DS Emulator for you.

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