Features of Drastic DS Emulator

Nintendo Games are one of the most popular hand held games in the market. But due to its high costing, a lot of users finds it difficult to purchase the same. The Drastic DS Emulator is a best solution for them. This emulator helps the user to play the World-famous Nintendo games in their smartphones without paying any additional charges. There are also a lot of other emulators available in the market that can be used for this purpose. However, the nintendo ds emulator is considered as the best among them because of some of the good features available in it. Here we will discuss in detail about those features that helps the users to select it as their best choice. I am very much sure that after going through those features, you will also consider about downloading and using this emulator.

Features of Drastic DS Emulator
The drastic ds emulator allows the users to customize the size of the multiple DS screens. It also let the users select their positions as well. They can select either a landscape or portrait mode as per their convenience. As per the users, another best feature that they found in this emulator is its ability to save and resume the game from wherever they like. This feature helps the users to save the games at any point of time. They can then resume from the same point where they stopped. This results in saving all the time and hard work of the users invested to reach a particular stage of the game.
There are some minor drawbacks observed in the Nintendo DS Emulator. One of the most talked among them is the absence of a multiplayer option. But this cannot be considered as a major drawback as this game can be played to its best level even without this option. Another point of concern is that it allows play of private backups only. Whatever drawbacks will people say about this, still there is no better emulator found to play the Nintendo games than this.

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