Why Drastic DS Emulator considered as best emulator for Nintendo DS

“Drastic DS Emulator is the best emulator for playing the Nintendo DS Games”. You might have heard this comment a lot of time. But what is the reason behind people reaching on a conclusion like this? Here we are with the answer for this question. It is the exceptionally good features of the Drastic DS Emulator that helps in its success. You might be interested to know what these features are. Don’t worry. We will discuss about all of them in detail here. Once finished with this article, you will have no more doubt in your mind about the reason behind the popularity of this Emulator.
The most important thing about the Drastic DS Emulator is that it can deliver some features that is not even available in the original DS. Yes, we are talking about the fast forward feature available in this emulator. This feature helps you to double the audio sound and the frame rate of the game. Unlike the original DS where to different screens are available, your phone has only one screen in actual. So, to make your phone work similar to the actual DS, the emulator allows you to select the orientation and screen size as per your convenience. This will make your phone work exactly like the Nintendo DS. The option to save the game at any point you like is another feature of this emulator which is not present in the actual DS. Once the game is saved, the sync feature of the emulator helps to sync it with the user’s Google drive. This helps the users to start the same game from another device and play from the same point where he stopped in the previous device. Support to add on controllers, enhanced Why Drastic DS Emulator considered as best emulator for Nintendo DS, presence of cheat codes all makes this emulator the perfect one for playing the Nintendo DS games on Android smartphones. More than a Million downloads from the Google Play Store with an extremely good review from its users proves that no other emulator can work better than this.

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