Drastic DS Emulator- Best Emulator for Android Smartphones

If you are a Nintendo DS lover, then you might have searched for some emulator for this in the Google Play Store. Have you succeeded in getting what you have searched for? If your answer is yes, then you must have come across the Drastic DS Emulator for sure. Because it is the emulator that provides the users with the perfect experience of playing the Nintendo DS games on their Android smartphones. After a long wait by the users for a good performing emulator for the Nintendo DS, the Drastic DS emulator was released on August 2013. This is a premium app in the Google Play Store that costs 340 INR. But who bothers about this amount, if the emulator can provide the same feeling that a device costing thousands of Rupees can give.

DraStic DS Emulator
Why the developers are not coming with similar emulators for the Nintendo DS? The answer is quite simple. It is because of all that hard work required to regenerate the feeling that gets from a multiscreen device to be incorporated in a single screen device. This credit goes to the Exophase, a US based Software Developer company who has developed the Drastic DS Emulator. It is very much difficult to create an emulator of similar quality or even somewhere near it. One of the best feature of the Drastic DS Emulator is its compatibility with the new generation Android Smart TVs. It is a place where you can enjoy the games at the maximum. The emulator also has an additional feature of high resolution 3D which is not even available in the original Nintendo DS.
Still confused and thinking of whether to purchase this app or not? Let’s have a look at the Google Play Store app from where you can download the Drastic DS Emulator premium version. The total number of downloads for this emulator is more than 1 Million which is far ahead of any of its competitors. 79.720 users have rated this app and as per their rating, this app has gained an average of 4.6 stars. Going towards the user reviews, majority of them quotes that this Emulator is working as per their expectation or even more than that. The Drastic DS Emulator is strong in all the three sections of the emulator features – Controls, Graphics and Gameplay. The latest version available for download is the r2.5.0.3a which is been updated in 19 July 2016. The 11.14 Mb Drastic DS Emulator apk file is easy to download and install as well.

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