DeSmuME – The Nintendo DS Emulator

Feeling nostalgic about the Nintendo DS games and wants to play it in your Desktops or Laptops? Here is an emulator that can help you in this – The DeSmuME. It is considered as the best Nintendo DS Emulator for Windows based PCs. With the specially customized features that highly resembles the original game console, this emulator app has won the hearts of the users. Let us go through some of the highlights of the DeSmuME that made it so popular among the people of different age levels.

What will be the criteria to select an emulator as the best one for a gaming console? Of course, it is the ability of the emulator to make the people feel as if they are playing the on the original device. Being able to deliver this feeling to the users, DeSmuME proved to be the best Nintendo DS Emulator for personal computers. As we all know, the highlight of the Nintendo DS is the presence of the dual screen. The DeSmuME provides a similar type of display in your laptops with additional customization options. What about the sounds of the game? The most interesting part of this emulator app is that it also allows the users to configure the sounds in the way they like to hear it. But for a beginner, it is recommended to keep these settings in the default mode itself as those settings doesn’t seems simple to them.
Talking about the controls, the DeSmuME delivers excellent control features for the users. This helps the users in enjoying the games at the maximum. This emulator also has the ability to run all the different DS games and that too without any crashing or lagging issues. Another good feature of this app is its ability to save the games. This features helps users to take a rest and come back and play the game from where they left. The video and audio recording feature is another highlight of the DeSmuME emulator app. As this emulator can save all the user data, your high scores and achievements will be available there for long time. The Drastic DS Emulator apk is a similar type of software designed for the Android devices. It is not possible to wind up any discussions on Nintendo DS Emulators, without mentioning the name of this Emulator app. It is performing in the same way for Android devices as the DeSmuME works for Personal computers.

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