Best Emulator For Nintendo DS Games

It is not only in the case of the Nintendo DS Games, but for all the other games as well, finding the best emulator is a very difficult task. You can find hundreds of emulators for each game and selecting the right one from them needs a lot of hard work. But we are here with a happy news for you. In the case of the Nintendo DS Games, we can support you with the best emulator available right now in the market. It is nothing else but the Drastic DS Emulator. Do you know what are the reasons that help us reach this conclusion? It is the nothing but the premium features of this emulator that helps us in this task. Both the paid and demo versions of this emulator gained a lot of appreciation from the users because of its good performance.

Best Emulator For Nintendo DS Games
Researches has proved that the Drastic DS Emulator is the most stable emulator available for the Android smartphones. Experts have tried playing different games with the help of this emulator and found that its performance is quite good for most of the games. It is seen that no other emulators can work better than this and the user’s review also proved the same. As per them, the Drastic DS Emulator works exactly as per the user expectations. Some users are seen to be complaining about the price of this emulator. But as per the available features it can’t be considered as a very good pick at this price. You can find a lot more emulators which can be purchased at a better price than this. But as I said earlier, none of them proved to be a perfect replacement for the Drastic DS Emulator. So, if you want to play the Nintendo DS Games at its best on your Android device, go ahead and purchase this emulator. It will make you happy with its performance for sure.

Best Games Played With Drastic DS Emulator

You all must be aware of what the ds emulator is able to do. For the newbies who are hearing about it for the first time, we will explain what the Drastic DS Emulator and what does it helps for. You must be heard about the Nintendo DS Games, a very good hand held game enjoyed by people all around the World. The Drastic DS Emulator helps you to play this game even in your Android devices. The most important feature of this emulator is that it can help you play the games at a very good speed comparing to the original DS games. The emulator also includes features that makes it the best in the market. One of the unbelievable feature among them is the turbo emulation. It is really a wonderful feature for the Android device, which most of its competitors failed to provide. The cloud feature available in the Drastic DS Emulator makes it more popular among the people and helps it to gain the number one positon in the list of emulators for Nintendo DS games.

Best Games Played With Drastic DS Emulator
Here is the list of some of the most important games that can be played at its best in your Android smartphones and tablets, with the help of the Drastic DS Emulator.
New! Super Mario Bros (The 3D feature of the emulator makes this game awesome)
Naruto: Ninja Destiny
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All
Phantom Hourglass
Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
Mario Kart DS
Professor Leyton and the Curious Village
This is not the complete list of games that can be played with the Drastic DS Emulator. These are the games that we tested and found to be working exceptionally good with this emulator. You can find a lot of other games as well and by loading concerned ROMs you can play all of them.

Drastic DS Emulator for Android Smartphones and Tablets

All of us loves to play different types of games in our Android devices like smartphones or tablets. But how many of you know that even the games like Nintendo DS can be played in you Android phones? Don’t think that I am kidding. It is the emulators that helps the users in this purpose. Among these emulators, the Drastic DS Emulator is considered as the best one. It is because of all the different user friendly features of this emulator, it is considered as the one that suits the normal Android users the most. For a free download of this emulator, visit the Google Play Store. If the demo version makes you satisfied, you can also try for the paid version as well. This is also available for download in the Google Play Store.

Drastic DS Emulator for Android Smartphones and Tablets
The requirement of this emulator to run in your device is the presence of an Android v2.3.3 Operating System or higher. As most of the new generation devices comes with an OS higher than this, it is not a major point of concern for the users. There are situations when people wants to quit the existing game. But in the case of most of the emulators, once you stopped the game you should play it from the starting stage on the next time. But in the case of drastic ds emulator apk, it allows the users to save the game at any point they like. So, when the next time they start the game they can start from the exact same point. This is found to be a unique feature of this emulator.
A lot of other good features are also observed in the Drastic DS Emulator which helps it in maintaining a good reputation among the many emulators available in the market. Don’t look at the price of this emulator if you want to purchase it. Because the gaming experience it can provide you is much more than what they are charging from you.

Games that can make your brain sharp

All of us loves to play games in our Android smartphones, tablets and personal computers. But how many of us plays puzzle games or games that helps in increasing our reasoning abilities? The number of users doing this will be very less compared to the huge number of users playing games other than them. Instead of wasting your time in games like Candy Crush Saga or Temple Run, I recommend you to play brain teasing games. Those games not only provide you with entertainment but also helps in utilizing your time in a useful way. Here I will describe about some of the most popular puzzle games that perform this task. Even though some of them are not free software, still you find it useful to spend money on those apps. “Hundred” is a very good puzzle game that you can use with phones having touchscreen and even with your touch screen tablets. The game is designed in such a way that it can satisfy users of all different age groups.

Games that can make your brain sharp

“The Room” is another game of this type. Even newer versions of this game are developed by names The Room2 and The Room3. This is basically a 3D puzzle game which requires to solve the puzzle boxes that comes with various brain taxing technologies. If you are interested in solving Math’s puzzle, I will recommend the game “Threes!” for you. This game requires excellent mathematical skills from your side which in turn helps in utilizing your brain to a good extent. “Four Letters” is a game that helps in increasing your vocabulary. In this game, what you need to do is to create words with the letters available in the screen. Alike the games mentioned earlier this one is free for download from the Google Play Store. Still confused in selecting a good game for you from the above? Then the Drastic DS Emulator for Nintendo DS can be considered as an option for you.

DeSmuME – The Nintendo DS Emulator

Feeling nostalgic about the Nintendo DS games and wants to play it in your Desktops or Laptops? Here is an emulator that can help you in this – The DeSmuME. It is considered as the best Nintendo DS Emulator for Windows based PCs. With the specially customized features that highly resembles the original game console, this emulator app has won the hearts of the users. Let us go through some of the highlights of the DeSmuME that made it so popular among the people of different age levels.

What will be the criteria to select an emulator as the best one for a gaming console? Of course, it is the ability of the emulator to make the people feel as if they are playing the on the original device. Being able to deliver this feeling to the users, DeSmuME proved to be the best Nintendo DS Emulator for personal computers. As we all know, the highlight of the Nintendo DS is the presence of the dual screen. The DeSmuME provides a similar type of display in your laptops with additional customization options. What about the sounds of the game? The most interesting part of this emulator app is that it also allows the users to configure the sounds in the way they like to hear it. But for a beginner, it is recommended to keep these settings in the default mode itself as those settings doesn’t seems simple to them.
Talking about the controls, the DeSmuME delivers excellent control features for the users. This helps the users in enjoying the games at the maximum. This emulator also has the ability to run all the different DS games and that too without any crashing or lagging issues. Another good feature of this app is its ability to save the games. This features helps users to take a rest and come back and play the game from where they left. The video and audio recording feature is another highlight of the DeSmuME emulator app. As this emulator can save all the user data, your high scores and achievements will be available there for long time. The Drastic DS Emulator apk is a similar type of software designed for the Android devices. It is not possible to wind up any discussions on Nintendo DS Emulators, without mentioning the name of this Emulator app. It is performing in the same way for Android devices as the DeSmuME works for Personal computers.

Drastic DS Emulator- Best Emulator for Android Smartphones

If you are a Nintendo DS lover, then you might have searched for some emulator for this in the Google Play Store. Have you succeeded in getting what you have searched for? If your answer is yes, then you must have come across the Drastic DS Emulator for sure. Because it is the emulator that provides the users with the perfect experience of playing the Nintendo DS games on their Android smartphones. After a long wait by the users for a good performing emulator for the Nintendo DS, the Drastic DS emulator was released on August 2013. This is a premium app in the Google Play Store that costs 340 INR. But who bothers about this amount, if the emulator can provide the same feeling that a device costing thousands of Rupees can give.

DraStic DS Emulator
Why the developers are not coming with similar emulators for the Nintendo DS? The answer is quite simple. It is because of all that hard work required to regenerate the feeling that gets from a multiscreen device to be incorporated in a single screen device. This credit goes to the Exophase, a US based Software Developer company who has developed the Drastic DS Emulator. It is very much difficult to create an emulator of similar quality or even somewhere near it. One of the best feature of the Drastic DS Emulator is its compatibility with the new generation Android Smart TVs. It is a place where you can enjoy the games at the maximum. The emulator also has an additional feature of high resolution 3D which is not even available in the original Nintendo DS.
Still confused and thinking of whether to purchase this app or not? Let’s have a look at the Google Play Store app from where you can download the Drastic DS Emulator premium version. The total number of downloads for this emulator is more than 1 Million which is far ahead of any of its competitors. 79.720 users have rated this app and as per their rating, this app has gained an average of 4.6 stars. Going towards the user reviews, majority of them quotes that this Emulator is working as per their expectation or even more than that. The Drastic DS Emulator is strong in all the three sections of the emulator features – Controls, Graphics and Gameplay. The latest version available for download is the r2.5.0.3a which is been updated in 19 July 2016. The 11.14 Mb Drastic DS Emulator apk file is easy to download and install as well.